hello, my name is mrs. furness.

i am married. and this is our married blog.

we are funny and i promise it'll be worth reading. follooowwwww. :)


sorry for my absence.

i don't work at renevati anymore where i would normally blog while i sat in front of a computer for 6 hours 4 days a week. well, to update...
i'm still so in love with todd.
were still getting married THIS friday.
so...thats awesome. and things.
basically, my life still is like a dream land.
and i love it. alllll theee timeeee.





just a quick reminder.

the countdown for our wedding is in the teens now. that is neat and that is all.
oh wait, one more thing...my husband is so good looking.
you will all DROOL when you see him in his tux on april 29th from 7-9 pm. but he is mine so.... sorry.

....okay one more thing. we took our bridals/groomals on saturday. first, our photographer is absolutely incredible and i love her. not only is she sooo talented, she is just the greatest. believe me. you won't want to ever use another photographer ever again. ever. if you want an incredible photographer checkkk outtt ashley buervenich :) second, my amazing cousins/best friends helped me get all beautified for the event. hales took some pictures if you want to seee :)
(but if you want to see me in my dress, you'll just have to come to the party on april 29th.)

last ps. i swear....... toddandcortnee.blogspot.com


one day without shoes

if you know me, you know how much i love toms shoes.
no, not because they're trendy.
no, not because i think they're cute.
but because i love what they mean. don't get me wrong, i do love how they look and think they're the comfiest shoes i own, but what other shoe company do you know that gives up half their profits to buy shoes for those who aren't fortunate enough to afford their own? can you imagine the look on a child's face when you hand them their first pair of shoes?

i think what they stand for is amazing. one for one. every year toms's sponsors "one day without shoes." last year i participated in it while i was in mexico! it was such an amazing experience. (you better believe i walked around mexico ALL DAY without any shoes.

we even played in the rain with no shoes too! ...well rain that turned into the rio grand on our street)
i didn't get any diseases but i did walk away with a greater appreciation for my shoes. we are all so very blessed. you may think it's dumb, but walk a day without shoes, see how it makes your feet feel; see how much you love your shoes after you're finished. this day helps me to remember to be grateful for the little things in life. i am so very blessed and i strive to live worthy of those blessings everyday. (i count shoes as a blessing.)
my feet this year aren't quite as dirty as last year, but i loved today all the same :)



i get married in 29 days. t w e n t y n i n e. only 29 more goodbyes. scoreeee. that quite possibly could be the thing i am most excited about. just to cuddle up close to my love knowing when we go home, we're going to OUR home. not him taking me to mine and him going to his. oh baby i am so in love with him.
toddy and i are going to read my favorite book by june 15th. want to join us?? :) only 5 pages a day.. come on, thats nothing! you don't have a copy?? here, ill send you one. :)
yesterday toddy came to have lunch with me on campus. i'm a junior and he's just a little freshman...so he's seriously bustin' some ranks here. we even held hands. ya, judge us. dare you. ;)
i am so excited to be a teacher. did you know? i just want to have my own class riiighttt now only!
i know i just barely said this right down below, but i really REALLY miss my brown half.
I LOVE MY FAMILY SO MUCH. all of them. every last one. gurrrshh duurrrnn i am the luckiest.
"sometimes people are beautiful;
not in looks.
not in what they say.
just in what they are."
i love to see the temple, i'm going there someday. :)



day 30. el fin!

well, that was fun. today is the last day of this photo challenge. and a photo of someone i miss...
wish you were here SO bad bestest. but i couldn't be more proud of you :) i miss you SO much.

day 29. a photo that can always make me smile. :)


my little (host) brother. rene. love you so little dude.